Florelle is proud to offer numerous discounts on all of our unique party centerpieces. To find out if you or your organization qualifies for any of our discounts, please read the criteria below. We encourage that you contact us at any time for more information about our discounts, prices, and centerpieces.

Early Bird Savings

If you place your order of unique centerpieces far in advance of the ship date we can accommodate you or your organization with saving incentives. This is a great opportunity to get rewarded for planning ahead of time. Restrictions apply. Call for details.


Current members may be entitled to certain savings if their event qualifies. Be prepared to discuss the details of your event when you call. Availability may be limited.

Big Party Savings

As your party grows in size, so do your savings. This rule applies to any event, whether you need a wedding centerpiece or a birthday party centerpiece. Let us show you how.

Multiple Party Savings

Commit to ordering for several parties during the year and you may qualify for quantity savings on each one. Call for details.

Promotional Savings...Upgrade to larger sizes at smaller prices

We occasionally offer FREE upgrades to larger sizes for the same smaller size price. Call for details on how to qualify.

Gang Runs on Certain Colors

If your colors match a job already running, a savings may be in store for you. For example, your Marti Gras theme centerpieces may match another Marti Gras party going on at the same time. Or, your wedding colors may match someone else’s birthday colors. In either case, you get the savings. Restrictions apply. Call for details.

Florelle offers creative ideas for centerpieces you won’t find anywhere else.

Call us to learn more: 1 · 800 · 746 · 0429