Florelle's centerpieces have been created to give your party that professionally designed look you want. To correctly color coordinate your affair, start by matching the colors of your tablecloths and napkins to one or more colors that appear in the crowns or tassels. We often recommend that people think of the gourmet filling as a background color as opposed to the main accent color of the event. This of course is up to you and your taste!


You have the option of choosing several different sizes for your unique centerpiece. Each larger size costs a little more, but you get more as well. As you choose a larger size, not only does your gift become more substantial, but the volume of the bouquet grows significantly as well.


Fillings provide a critical visual and entertaining effect, whether you’re designing bridal shower centerpieces or birthday party centerpieces. Solid or layered colors are best. The fillings are an architectural element connecting the colorful fireworks of the crowns and tassels with the expanse of color provided by your table linens.

Number of People at a Table

We manufacture the holders of the mementos to accommodate arrangements of 8, 10 or 12 people per table. The parts for these holders are usually in stock and can be ordered as little as 2 weeks before shipment. Therefore, you do not absolutely need to know the exact layout of your tables in the room when you order. But we do need to know how many favors you will need, whether it is centerpieces for a sweet sixteen or wedding.

Total Number of Guests

Mementos must be ordered well in advance of ship date to be able to give you the good value we do. We ask our customers to order 90% of the number of guests they expect. We allow 10% to be added at the same price rate even if the extra is shipped 10 days before the event.

When Should I Order?

How to schedule my delivery so that it arrives on time. It's never too early to order your centerpieces for birthday parties, weddings, or other events. Start by calling us to see when your order must be placed for it to arrive in time for your event. Allow 7 business days for transit time. Allow another 3-9 weeks for production. Add more time your decision making process and for approval by you of your order specifications. Most orders travel by economical UPS ground service. FEDEX 2nd day air is available for an additional charge.

Rush Orders

What if you have a "rush" order? We can often accommodate rush orders. But you must call for details on a specific order. Rush charges will apply if we can accommodate your request.

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